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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best way to reach a counselor?

The best way to reach a counselor and get your question answered as soon as possible is for the student to come into the guidance office and speak with any guidance counselor available. Counselors receive several e-mails and phone calls each day, so students coming in and speaking with a counselor face to face is the best way to get your questions answered quickly and efficiently.

Can I take a summer class?

Parents often ask if their student can take a class during the summer to count for high school credit. Here are a couple of things to keep in mind:

  • If you are a current student seeking credit for a summer class, you must obtain, fill out, and supply all required documentation for the form, Request for Credit from Outside Institution. This form, with required documentation, must be obtained from and submitted to your Cupertino High School assistant principal in the main office. You will then be notified whether you are approved or not. Approval is not automatic. We strongly suggest that you not pay summer school registration fees until you hear back from us.

  • The outside educational institution must be accredited.

  • FUHSD allows students to earn a maximum of 70 credits per year. All classes at CHS are year-long and if successfully completed, have a value of 10 credits per class. If your student takes a summer class for which they want to earn FUHSD credit, having the class recorded on their FUHSD transcript, this class will count in the 2012-2013 school year to their total credits earned.

  • We have an excellent working relationship with our surrounding private schools. If you received approval to take a class for credit, you must submit your student's official transcript before it will be recorded onto their FUHSD transcript. Sumbit your transcript to the CHS Registrar as early in August as possible.

  • Many students attend summer programs in math, science etc. These can be dynamic, enriching learning experiences. However, unless they are accredited high school academic programs, with pre-approval from us, via the 'Request for Credit from Outside Educational Institution,' they cannot be used in the place of required classes or to skip levels of classes.

  • You cannot earn credit for a class that you have already taken and are trying to replace a grade.

I am going to be a 9th grader, can I earn credit for high school before I attend?

No. You cannot earn CHS high school credit prior to your August start date of freshman year. Although a student may not earn high school credit for work completed in the summer between 8th and 9th grade year, coursework completed at an accredited institution may be used for high school placement purposes. 

I am an 8th grader, can I meet with a CHS Guidance Counselor?

The Guidance Counselors will be happy to meet with you or your student after he/she begins the first day of high school. In the meantime, we are offering this list, though not exhaustive, of Frequently Asked Questions. Also, we hold 8th Grade Course Selection and Parent nights led by our Guidance Counselors and Administrators. At these presentations you can ask any questions that you have.

We know coming to high school can be a bit anxiety-provoking and you may have a number of questions. We will help you build your student's 9th grade schedule in a step-by-step method during the 8th Grade Course Selection Nights in February. English, math, science and PE are all required courses for 9th graders. Most of our 9th grade students also take a world language. English, math, science, PE and a world language represent five out of a possible six guaranteed classes. This leaves one other elective class. While course selection may seem like a complicated process with lots of choices, it really is not. All other Guidance related questions, course planning for sophomore year and all questions related to college, etc. will happily be answered once your student has arrived at CHS.

How do I take an Honors or AP class that was not recommended by my current teacher?

Cupertino High School has an open enrollment policy, however, a process is in place to ensure a student receives specific information about their academic skills and future success. This process involves a student meeting with their current teacher to receive an override form, discuss concerns about placement, and learn areas for growth and improvement. Once this conversation has taken place, the override form needs to be signed by a parent or guardian, student, and teacher, and returned to the guidance office.

Ok, so I cannot earn PE credit in 9th grade for a CHS athletic team. How about in my 10th, 11th and 12th grade years?

Yes! In 10th grade and beyond, if you make a CHS athletic team, remain eligible, and successfully complete the entire season (a season is considered to be "complete" at the discretion of the coach or athletic director), you can earn five credits of PE, provided you do not exceed earning 70 credits per year. You must have 20 credits of PE in order to graduate from Cupertino. You will have earned 10 of these credits by successfully completing a year of 9th grade PE. You can earn the remainder by simply taking another full year of PE sometime in 10th-12th grade (we strongly recommend 10th grade because 11th grade is academically intensive and most seniors don't want to take PE). Or, by way of example, if you play basketball, in 10th grade you could earn 5 credits of PE. Then in 11thgrade, you could earn the remaining 5 credits for another season of basketball. And yes, depending on your athletic team, you can play more than one sport a year. In this case you could earn all the PE credit you need in one year. Very importantly, if you want to earn PE credit for successfully completing a season of a CHS athletic team, your team sport must be included in your choice of six guaranteed classes. When choosing your classes you would select 'PE Athletics'. What you cannot do is take seven classes plus a team sport and hope to earn PE credit for the team sport. You can certainly play the sport. However, since you cannot earn more than 70 credits in one school year, your team sport would not earn any credit. Once your PE requirement is met, athletic team participation can earn elective credit depending on how many other classes you are taking.

Can I take two classes in the same subject in the year? For example, can I take two science class or two math classes?

No. Our school policy is that you cannot 'double-up' in any one subject area. The reality is, due to limited section allocation (directly related to limited school funding), we do not have space available for a student to take two of any subject area in any one year.

As a 9th grader, can playing a sport exempt me from taking PE 9?

No, PE 9 is a state requirement for all freshmen students. No 9th grader is exempt from taking PE 9. We do encourage you to try out for an athletic team, and depending on your schedule and the number of credits you are taking, you may be able to earn 5 elective credits for your sport.