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PE Staff

Borges, Jill
Ellegood, Craig
PE, Athletic Director
Gilmore, James
PE, AVID, Physical Education Department Lead
Myers, Lara
Physical Education Teacher
Oswald, Chris
Social Studies
Roberts, Julia
Tomberlain, Kami

General Information Locker

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Physical Education

First Assignment

All students must PRINT, READ, SIGN & RETURN

PE Department Handbook

Physical Education Handbook

Physical Education is: the instruction in the development and care of the body ranging from simple callisthenic exercises to a course of study providing training in hygiene, aerobics, and the performance and management of athletic games, activities, and sport.

A physically educated person is: one who has mastered the necessary movement skills to participate confidently in many different forms of physical activity; one who values physical fitness and understands that both are related to health and well being.


  1. Students will develop competency in many movement activities.
  2. Students will understand how and why they move in a variety of situations and use this information to enhance their own skills.
  3. Students will achieve and maintain a health-enhancing level of physical fitness
  4. Students will exhibit a physically active lifestyle and will understand that physical activity provides opportunities for enjoyment, challenge and self-expression.
  5. Students will demonstrate responsible personal behavior while participating in movement activities.
  6. Students will demonstrate responsible social behavior while participating in movement activities.  Students will understand the importance of respect for others.
  7. Students will understand the relationship between history, culture and games​.


Two years of Physical Education are required for high school graduation (20 total credits). Furthermore, one of the two years MUST be completed with a course offer within the Physical Education Department. 


  1. Attend class daily dressed out in proper PE attire.
  2. Get to class and roll call on time.
  3. Complete all class responsibilities and required work.
  4. Be responsible for all medical excuses, notes and admission forms.
  5. Care for PE attire, storing, and cleaning.
  6. All accidents and/or injuries should be reported to the teacher regardless of how minor the accident and/or injury seems to be.


Students are to be dressed in Physical Education attire every day.  Athletic shoes with rubber soles and athletic socks are to be worn to class.  School or street clothes (worn either under or over PE attire) is not acceptable attire for Physical Education class. Students without proper attire are subject to participation restrictions.  Changing clothes before and after physical activity demonstrates good personal hygiene.


All make-ups will take at least 20 minutes (except for tardies, half-suits, and runs not accompanied by an absence).

All students must be checked in for tutorial on the track within the first 10 minutes of the tutorial period.

All students are responsible for knowing what make-up is to be completed.

Students must be dressed in PE clothes in order to complete a make-up.


Available make-ups during tutorial:

  1. Excused Absence or Excused Non-Participation | 20 minute run/walk - or - missed timed run with remaining time of run/walk
  2. Unexcused Absence, Non-Suit or Non-Participation | 2-mile make-up & excused absence make-up
  3. Tardy | Half mile untimed run
  4. Half-Suit | 1-mile untimed run
  5. Missed runs not accompanied by an absence | Missed timed run (all Sartwell run make-ups will be completed as a mile run)


Students missing or on restricted/modified activity for 3 days or less:

     Student’s parent must call in the absence to the attendance office and/or provide note to teacher. 

     Student is responsible for all missing work.


Missing or restricted/modified activity for more than 3 days:

     Students must provide a note from doctor.  Student is responsible for all missing work.


Missing or restricted/modified activity for more than 2 weeks:

     Student must provide note from parent and/or doctor and must choose between the following three choices:

  1. Students may continue the course with a modified curriculum in which they are only eligible to receive a pass / fail grade.
  2. Students may drop the class and retake at a later time.
  3. Students may make-up all missing work and remain eligible for an “A”, “B”, “C” letter grade

Students who miss a skill test, fitness test and/or written test due to medically excused non-participation or absence will be expected to make up the test(s).  Make up test are be arranged with individual instructors for a time that is mutually agreeable. Students are responsible to notify PE instructor prior to school-related absences.


  1. Anyone caught stealing or performing any other illegal action in the locker rooms will be referred to School Administration and a police report will be filed.
  2. Locker rooms are not secured during class, thus all valuables must be locked up in a locker.  If backpack does not fit in the locker, one must remove the valuables from the backpack and secure those items in the locker.
  3. No wet clothes should be left in the locker.
  4. No food should be left in left in the locker.
  5. Mistreating the lockers, the other students in the locker room or the room itself will result in removal of your locker privilege.
  6. Showers are available for use in the locker room following class.
  7. Any violation of the above listed policy can result in a loss of your locker room privilege.


All new students to Cupertino High School who add a Physical Education class after the designated start date of the semester WITHOUT an incoming grade from another institution.

  1. Students who add within the 1st grading period are able to stay within the default grading system of the class and are required to make-up half of all days prior to enrolling and complete all essential missing assignments (must complete all unit quizzes if any have been given).
  2. Students who add within the 2nd grading period are relegated to a pass/fail grading system and are required to make-up half of all days prior to enrolling and all essential missing assignments including all missed unit quiz(es). 
  3. Students who add within the 3rd grading period are UNABLE to receive full credit for the semester.  They are only able to earn partial credit for their work completed (ie. 2 credits instead of the 5 total) No make-ups or late work is required.


40% = Attendance / Participation

25% = Physical Fitness

25% = Skill Development / Written Work

10% = FInal Exam